My twin daughters were raised better you wouldn't think it

Jenna - posted on 10/25/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have identical twins who are 19 and I love them to death. I just had surgery and need more help than ever now. It's like pulling teeth sometimes or begging. I never thought my kids could be so selfish. I have a younger child who I adore and have been getting depressed not being able to do much with her. My daughters are pretty good about helping my youngest out but my one daughter has irritated me so bad. I've actually wanted to smack her and/or kick her out. I get so angry, like today my youngest was invited to a birthday party. Great right? Well I had hip surgery so I have ALOT of restrictions and pain from over doing it. I wanted to bring my wheelchair possibly and she said "your not going" ," I don't wanna drag a wheelchair around!" I was so infuriated and said that's fine I'll ask someone else and you can stay home and do yard work. I'm glad they wanna help me with their sister but never imagined my christian morals and fairly conservative upbringing would create such a selfish, uncaring teen.
It's hard because I'm already depressed about be homebound and crippled but then when you feel you have to fight, argue to get things, SUCKS.


Sarah - posted on 10/26/2015




This is sad. I have a 19 yo son and while he can be selfish, when I need him to step up he will without complaint. This is a self age and your girls are acting like it. If you still pay for their phones, cars, insurance, tuition. etc. then cut them off! Here is your chance to teach them that family stick together and helps out when needed. If they don't want to help willingly, then that can move out and pay their own way. Step up or step out.

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