My twin girls were born with low muscle tone.they are on a vent and have tach and g tube.when they were born,they floppy babies no movement at two months they had surgery for the tach and g tube.they never came home,around 8 months they both made huge improvement such as lifting there hands and legs.still no sitting up on there own or swallowing or turning of there head.bowel movements are fine.movement of their eyes are limited,like side to side or up and down,but they aware if someone come around ,I believe they can see me and everyone that come in there room they will give u the biggest smile even try to touch ur face or pull ur hair.they had test after test after test .everything come back negative they doctor are basically telling me they will come around on they own.its hard


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They probably don't know what to say to you. They feel awkward and uncomfortable. It must hurt you that your friends "forget" about your precious little girls and don't acknowledge them. Perhaps you could seek out a support group for Mums with special needs kids and find yourself some new friends who will embrace you and all three of your lovely children.

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