my twins are almost 12mths what kind of food should i feed them


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By 12 months my kids were eating the same food as us. Little kids like to eat foods that they can touch and use their fingers with. Chunky vegetables, pasta, stuff that they can spear with a fork, at this age it is great to give them the foods they really enjoy the flavours of, along side something new to encourage them to try unfamiliar food.

Breakfast can be toast, fresh fruit, cereal, by 12 months they should be able to eat eggs.

Lunch can be a sandwich or a plate of "nibbles" ie: crackers, cheese chunks, fresh or dried fruit.

Dinner can be pretty much what you eat, you just may need to modify how you present it to them. My kids loved pasta dishes when they were really little. They used to make a mess but they always ate well.

Good luck.

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