my twins are turning one soon.planing for a single cake with both of thier names on it. how about candles?


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Amanda - posted on 03/11/2012




Hi there! When my twins turned 1 I actually done a large cake for all the guest and the girls each had their own individual cake and they each had their own Number 1 candle. Each year for their birthday we do one large cake but they both get their own Number candle

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For our girls first birthday we did cupcakes so that they each got their own. Ever since (they're 10 now) we've had one cake and candles on the cake for each of them.. and sing together which always gets a laugh cuz some people say one girl's name first and other's do the other first. lol Well... last party we didn't do candles since it was too windy. ;)

Sarah - posted on 03/07/2012




I understand you are planning only one cake, but if I may provide a little perspective for you, here it goes. As an identical twin, I would like to encourage you to do two cakes (one for each child). Holidays are family events, the ONLY day someone gets that is about them is their birthday. Unless you're a twin. As a twin, you have to share that one day. Imagine never having anything be about just you. Now this may sound selfish in a way, and I'm sure a lot of people would think so, but most of them have that single day to themselves. Being a twin is a blessing, but it's also a curse in a way. It's a lifetime of being compared to each other, not being called by your individual name, but grouped as "the twins" (which I HATE), being asked questions about "what is it like?" or "can you feel each other's pain?" It means every time you look in the mirror you see someone who looks just like you and not how individual and unique your own beauty is. It can play a lot of trouble with your self esteem. Please remember on their birthdays to celebrate them AS INDIVIDUALS who just so happen to share a birthday so that they feel special like they should on their birthday, not group them together because they will have that their entire life.

As far as candles, I would do just one candle, just make sure they don't touch it. I hope you have a wonderful celebration!

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