my two year old screaming and throwing a fit all the time dont get her way and she does this

Alisha - posted on 09/30/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is two years old and she is the tape of child you can not talk to her when she screams and throw fits . Me and my husband tryed everything you can think of nothing works if we fix her something to eat sometimes she throw it on the floor picks at the dogs and cats will not stop . There are times she is fine but other days she acts this way . My husband is in the army. My 93 year old grandmother don't help with things when my daughter acts this way she trys to talk to her you can't I shut the door and dill with my daughter. My husband had to act this way when he was a child . My mom and dad said I did not act this way. My husband mother will not tell us anything all she said I hope you have a child that acts like you did when you were little. My mother does not tell us anything about my husbands real father we asked her. Don't tell us anything . When we went to go see them in Florida his mother my little girl hit her hand on the table and she took her away from my arms when my little girl gets hurt or sleepy she wants mommy nobody else. My husband told his mom not to be doing that. I can't even talk to my mother in law because of all the rude comments and suggestions and think it is there business.


Rachel - posted on 09/30/2013




Two year olds take fits and throw food. For the fits, ignore them. A fit is only her way of getting attention or getting what she wants. If you ignore it (as hard as it is) she'll stop. It may take a few fits for her to realize this but she will.
As for the food throwing, you tell her that's what she's going to be eating so if she throws it, she's not getting anything else. I suggest you only give her a little bit at a time so she's not throwing her whole dinner at once. If she's not hungry, she's not going to eat. Save the food she doesn't eat and if she's hungry later, give her what she didn't eat.
Two year olds are going to have fits, it's part of life and part of them figuring out what they can get away with. It didn't come from you or your husband, it's just how kids are. They can't be perfect all the time.

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