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Hi my name is Lindsay and my son is 2 years old has a sweat test coming up in a week he has been going back and fourth from 24 to 23 pounds for a year he wears 12 month old clothes and they fall off of him he has been the same height for a year now he is always thirsty and eats all the time but the last 4 days he hasn't had an appetite he had a few lung problems when he was first born he has a slight cough daily his stomach swells and not to sounds nasty or anything but you can tell what he eats when he uses the bathroom he is potty traind . Has anyone else with cf had these experiences and I'm really scared this is my only boy he is my middle child I have a daughter that is 2 years older then him and a daughter that is a year younger then him. Please someone help me the doctors seem like they won't give me any answers they took a stool sample and then called me and said they had to do a sweat test does anyone know what they find in the stool sample for them to do a sweat test? I need help and I'm scared I'm a young mother and don't know what I'm dealing with thank you


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You would need to ask your doctor when you do not know why they are doing certain things. They are there to answer these questions. They can answer so much better than anyone here ever could. We can only guess what they are up to. If they are not doing a good job of answering your questions, find a new doctor. You need a doctor who tells you anything you want to know.

You seem to know already that he has CF... So maybe they are just testing to see how extent it is since the growth has become an issue. I will do my guess here and say they are looking into the bloating by checking for a bacterial overgrowth, which will come out in sweat. If not maybe he is lactose intolerant.

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