my two year old son wake up 2 times everynight for a juice or yoghurt. is this normal. how to make it stop?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/19/2013




I would not be giving him either of those items so late at night. Juice is full of sugar, and can keep him up, and depending on the yogurt, it can also be full of sugar. Make sure you are feeding him enough before he goes to bed. And talk to him. Let him know that he is no longer eating in the middle of the night.


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Thobile - posted on 03/19/2013




thank you little miss, due to th fact that he is the only baby in the family and he gets so much attention from me, my brothers as well as his grand parents he doesn't wanna grow up. he is two years and three months. i stopped giving him formula at two years, the first week was hard because he would wake up and want his milk then i decided to give him juice or drinking yogurt. now every night he wakes up and cry for his juice without opening his eyes. if he finished the whole bottle on the first round he would wake up again and wont shut up until i wake up and make him another one.

I guess i am at fault here because he knows i cant stand him crying now he is manipulating me.

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