My wife's jealousy of my daughter time is driving me crazy!

James - posted on 11/04/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Okay I am not a mom but I figured I would post on here to get a moms opinion. My wife and I have a 5-year-old daughter who goes to sleep in our bed then is transferred to her own bed after falling asleep. I usually stay up at night even though I really am tired because, I stay awake because my wife gets jealous that our daughter cuddles next to me. Nothing has ever been said or done to imply she loves me more, in fact this is the only time I get the cuddles, all day is usually pre school then mommy time. ( with puppy time in-between ) She gets in a real bad mood so I just stay up until they are sleeping then I go to bed. I have tried talking to her about it, but she blames me by yelling " YOU JUST DONT GET IT!! " And I really don't get it so I am asking for advice from moms. Should I stop cuddling with my daughter to make my wife happy? Any advice on how to fix this will be fantastic. Thank you.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/05/2013




Sounds to me as if a certain 5 yo needs to learn to sleep in her own bed.

Cuddles with daddy before bedtime, and into bed. Mom & dad's bed is no place for a kiddo, unless kiddo is ill.

Mom does need to get a grip, however, and realize that there are times when kids prefer one parent over the other. It's not always mom, not always dad, and changes frequently, but it's nothing to be jealous of.

However, this does need to be pointed out...Dads cuddling their kids is not a problem, but if there's something 'else' going on, and mom senses that, her actions may not be jealousy so much as a concern...

Catriona - posted on 11/05/2013




sounds like your wife is kinda wierd i rather have my daughter cuddle up to her dad then me i love my space expaccily if ive spent all day with her

James - posted on 11/05/2013




The problem doesn't seem to be the time spent with my wife, she complains because my daughter is cuddling with me and not her, I am okay with both of us snuggling up with our daughter at night together but even that suggestion sets her off. She wants bedtime with Kady to be between mommy and daughter and me stay out of it and I can't do that.

Gena - posted on 11/04/2013




Do you ever cuddle with your wife?Maybe your wife just feels like she is missing time with you alone..But that doesnt mean you have to stop cuddle time with your daughter.Maybe you could suprise your wife with a nice meal or make her a bath with some candles and a glass of champange..i am sure any woman would appreciate it when their husband would do something like that and in that way she would see that you also care for her.Its just my personal idea,hope it could help..and otherwise sit down and talk to her nicely and explain that you really dont get it and that you would like to know what the reason is and how you could all find a solution to the problem.Good luck

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