My x fiancé didn't get on with my 15 year old son

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Me and my son moved to Sweden to be with my fiancé who has no kids of his own in 2010 I got divorced in 2009 so I decided to move for a better life for me and my son . We have had great times we all got on well till 2012-13 every thing has just falling a part especially 2013 my son and x fiance have argued all the time a lot on holiday last year we all came bk from camping bk to my x fiance parents house in the forest me and my son wanted to go home but my x boyfriend wanted to stay with his parents . I was so stressed I just said I wanna go home so he anored me and my son we felt very lonely and very unwanted as his parents didn't like me anoring there son .
So I siad to my x fiancé please take us home he said no you can get a coach so he took me and my son to the coach station and waited till we went at this point I told him it's over our I gave bk my ring .
Me and my son got home 4 hours later to Stockholm this was July 2013
Any way my x came home a week later the arguments with my son and him got worse my x fiance told me and my son to move out give me a months notice in august every thing seemed better again me and my x decided to get bk together as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2014 jan 8 it's was 4 years in Sweden my son went to the uk from dec to jan so he could spend some time with his family there for Chrissy's and new year I stayed here in Sweden with my boyfriend we had a lovely time together we went to his family house .
Any way January my son came bk within a week there was augments again about the noise you seem son is a teenager and likes to play on his play station talking to his friends on his head set all the time And my x hates noise and hearing my sons voice while he is watching tv , me and my x are not talking I am sleeping in the Spair room as he has just blames me telling me it's my fault so I stressed and up set I moved out the bedroom .
I love my son and do any thing for him but today earlier they was arguing Andy x said again I want you and your son gone in a month and now he anores me totally I feel so unloved so upset don't no what to do you see we have no we're to go we live in Sweden I have joined local housing I have looked at rooms there just ain't any I don't know how things work here any way that's my story if any one can help please do any advice x


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/22/2014




You're making excuses. You broke up with him, ended the engagement, and then take him back every time. You're not putting your son first, that's for sure.

Either the two of you commit to a relationship, and some counseling with your son in order to blend this family, or stop the insanity, and end the relationship once and for all.

Jodi - posted on 01/08/2014




Why do you have to stay in Sweden? I am a little confused as to why you are staying.

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