My youngest has a screaming problem and I can not get her to quiet a bit? She is 20 months old

Ashley - posted on 12/28/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




She gets really excdited and lets out a high pitch scream thoughout the house, and its constant. I dont think my ears can handle it anymore lol.


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Andrea - posted on 12/28/2010




My daughter went through this stage. So we made a designated screaming spot. It was pretty much like time out. When she screamed, I would put her in a corner and she couldn't leave until she stopped. The difference though is my daughter was screaming when she was mad, not excited.

Kate CP - posted on 12/28/2010




Ear plugs. My daughter did this and I would tell her "You're hurting my ears. I'm putting in ear plugs so I can't hear you scream." I would put them in, she'd scream some more and it wouldn't bother me so she'd quit and I'd take the ear plugs out. Took about two days of this before it got to the point where she would start to scream, I'd reach for the ear plugs and she'd stop screaming and say "No, Mommy, I won't scream any more."

Worked like a charm. :)

Elyssa - posted on 12/28/2010




Oh, Ashley, I am so sorry to hear this (though happy I don't "hear"
When my little one (4 1/2) did the screaming thing, I walked into another room (as long as she was in a safe setting to be left alone, as I'm sure you make sure your daughter is). When she no longer had an audience, she stopped screaming, if for no other reason to come and find me.
The other way I got her to stop was to talk to her in a VERY low voice, volume-wise. I'd pick up something she liked, a toy or book, and began talking or reading in a very soft voice. Since it was something she liked, she wanted to know what was happening and hear what I had to say. Once she stopped screaming, I praised her for using her "soft voice". I didn't use "inside voice" because there are often times when we were outside and I didn't want her to be loud, like at her grandmother's funeral.
Heap TONS of praise on her when she continues to use her "soft voice"......and catch her being good......any time she's using her "soft voice," even if you haven't had to make her do it, tell her that your so proud of her being a big girl and using her "soft voice"!!
I hope this helps......although you may already tried it! Good luck!!

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