my youngest is 14,5'8.she won't go to school ,consequences help


Jodi - posted on 08/13/2012




It is her JOB to go to school. That's her job as a 14 year old until such time as she is capable of supporting her self in life.

Has she indicated why she doesn't want to go to school? What is she doing when she stays at home? Are you home with her?

The trouble with kids this age is that they think very much in the "here and now", and if they are not enjoying school, they can't see the relevance to themselves in being there. To them, it is pointless. You need to find a way to make school relevant to her. But honestly, knowing the reasons WHY she refuses to go may help you to identify some ways of working towards getting her into the classroom.

It is also worth talking to the school counsellor about it, because they see this problem ALL the time, and they may have some insight for you, and even help with developing a reward strategy that can be a combined school and parent effort.


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Dove - posted on 08/12/2012




Do you make her food, wash her clothes, provide transportation to friends or other fun activities, buy her things that she wants sometimes, let her watch tv, use the phone or computer, listen to music, etc....??? If so.... all of that stops until she starts getting her butt to school and doing her work.

Are there extenuating circumstances keeping her from going...?? Learning disability, bullying, social anxiety, etc..?? If so... address and help her deal with any of those situations before attempting the above suggestions.

Yeah, I ditto Donya... need more info.

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