Mysterious Stomach Problems for My 5 yr Old, Any Suggestions?

Victoria - posted on 11/02/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




What could be the problem? Sorry its a tummy/poopy thing...

My 5 year old daughter keeps complaining her stomach hurts and has for the last month straight. X-ray showed she was backed up... but shes still going, but having accidents at times. They gave her Miralax but it made her have diarrhea so I cut way back on it, and give it when she complains her poop is hard...

When she has accidents its usually several in a row then she goes a lot in the toilet.. I asked if shes holding it but shes not clear... yes... no... dark rooms scare her.. but she has accidents during the daytime too.

She complain daily it hurts above her belly button.. thoughts?


JuLeah - posted on 11/02/2011




I'd been looking at diet. Gluten, Dairy .... remove both for a few weeks. One in my family noticed a difference after 2 days, and my nephew who threw up every night saw a difference on the first day ....

Gluten comes in many forms, google it and read labels with care - so many many things have gluten -

It might not be diet related, but this is something you can try while waiting for the doctors to figure out which test to run next

September - posted on 11/02/2011




I would take her back to see her doctor. Is it always runny when she goes? Maybe she is holding it in and that's why it hurts. I'm sorry, that must be painful for her.


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