Names for Twins!

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Hi moms, my husband and I are expecting twins in April and they are both girls. We have 3 girls right not names are Courtney Averi and Aubrey. For the twins we really like the names Brooklynn and Amber, but not 100% together. For the middle name we like rose, but any suggestions would be appreciated! Looking for first and middle names, last name starts with P. Thanks in advance!


Dove - posted on 11/03/2015




If you like the names Brooklynn and Amber... go for it. Baby A couild be Amber and baby B could be Brooklynn. ;) The names don't have to 'go together'.

I think Rose goes better w/ Brooklynn, so you only need a middle mane for Amber. My girls have a friend who is Amber Joy...

I'm not much for names though. If my third child had been a girl... my older two would have named 'her'.


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Thanks for the advice! I love Amber Joy! The A and B are a cute way for an announcent, we haven't old my parents yet. Girls can be a bit tougher to name

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