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How Do I Let My Daughter Know That's Its Time To Take A Nap ?


Sarah - posted on 04/24/2015




A lot is going to depend on how old your daughter is. If she is a newborn then nap time is going to pretty much be on your daughter's schedule. If she is older then the best way is to just establish a daily routine. Our bodies develop a natural clock. If we eat about the same time every day then we get hungry around that same time each day. Same goes with sleeping. If nap times and bed times are kept to about the same time every day then our body naturally gets tired around those times. Make sure you are not scheduling nap times and bed times too close together or that you are not scheduling in too many nap times for the age of your child in a day. In general those that are 12 months or so (some may go as far as 18 months) or younger take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Those 6 months and younger in general will take three naps a day (morning, afternoon, and a little cat nap in early evening.....this one is not very long). Those over 12 to 18 months usually only take one nap a day which is usually an afternoon nap.

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