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Shauna - posted on 11/22/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi, my daughter is two years and 4 months old. We seem to always have trouble putting her down for a nap, she wants milk, then she want "juice" which is just water we call it that. If daddy is home nap times are better and easier;however when daddy is gone or at work they are a nightmare and a total struggle. I read to her before we take naps, we sign a song, say our nap time prayers, then its light out. Once I leave she gets out of her toddler bed and starts throwing her toys out of her toy box. We have tried taking her toys out of her room, but when we do that she opens the door and screams no toys. Spanking doesn't work, time out are a game to her. This mommy is loosing her mind and really could use some suggestions.


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Ev - posted on 11/22/2015




It is possible to get her to nap if she still needs them. You give her that juice or milk and take the cup and tell her its time to sleep. Once you leave the room if she is up, you go in and put her back in bed. It takes several times but once she understands you are not going to back off she might just go to sleep. And you can take the toys out. There is no written rule that toys have to remain in her room. if she has a favorite to sleep with that should be okay.

Michelle - posted on 11/22/2015




Maybe she doesn't need a nap anymore. Mine were around that age when they stopped the daytime naps. Like Dove, I just moved their bedtime earlier.

Dove - posted on 11/22/2015




I used to fight my twins to nap... it was a nightmare and a losing battle. Then I resorted to driving them to sleep EVERY day for 6 months. Then I quit doing that and they quit napping and we just moved up bedtime.... they were 2.5.

Naps would be one of the reasons I didn't mind nursing my son for 3.25 years... because when we quit nursing, he quit napping.

Basically I have no suggestions, but you aren't alone in having this issue. ♥

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