Nap time turns into a major temper tantrum for my 2 yr old lately


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So don't make your 2 yr old nap. She can spend her "nap time" in her room playing quietly. This will take some time for her to learn but just let her know mommy needs her quiet time still even if she doesn't need her nap. That will give you an hour, maybe 2 to do whatever around the house that you need to.

good luck.


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Kimberly - posted on 01/17/2011




Thank you for your response. I've found that if we do "quiet time" rather than "nap time" she is much more responsive. I tell her she can either sit on the couch with me and look at a book or lay down while mommy watches her show or she can play quietly in her room. She's been falling asleep every day next to me on the couch and takes an hour or two nap! Yeah!!!!

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