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My 3 month old will only sleep during the day on chests after being nursed to sleep. If I lay her in her crib at anytime before 9pm she cries and wakes up fully and then wants to nurse all over again or wants to play. After 9pm, she comes off the breast with that drunk sailor face, I burp her, lay her in her crib; she fusses (not cries) for 5-10 minutes then falls asleep for a 6-8 hour stretch (which I am thankful for every single day) then sleeps another 2 hours after that in her crib (until it's light out, despite black out blinds)
Two questions:
1- I know the norm for naps at her age. Are there any moms out there who have infants that maybe sleep 1-3 hours total during the day? (she might be snoozing as she eats. She nurses for an hour usually). My girl is smiling, happy, alert, rarely fusses except for when she's hungry, so I can't say the lack of naps is hurting her. Just wondering if some babies nap much less than the norm given they sleep awesome at night.
2- are there any moms who had a similar problem with naps? If so, how did you resolve it, or do you let them nap on you and they eventually nap in their crib/bed in their own time? I've read forum after forum on suggestions (swaddle, white noise, slowly transition, etc). I'd like to hear from those who had my scenario and what helped.
*side note- my mom said I stopped napping at nine months but slept 12 hours straight, so wondering if my daughters going that route and that I should just give into how she wants to nap as long as she is sleeping in her crib at night.
I'd appreciate any advice, shared stories, etc. thanks!


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Mine never took naps, and she is perfectly fine! In my opinion; Most parents and professionals have the tendency of comparing one child to the other in expectations that children the same age, should do certain things alike. I totally disagree with that because God created every human being different. Some do certain things and others do something else. In observing behavior in children (as part of a project for class). I noticed that there are similarities in behaviors, but they are not all the same. Some children the same age nap and some don't. Some talk faster than others and some learn faster than others. That does not mean anything is wrong with the child who is "behind". The important thing is to love; nurture; teach; and bond with your child while raising them in discipline and love:)

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