Nausea/Vomiting Help Needed

Bianka - posted on 04/28/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Someone help me please I am 8 weeks pregnant, and I am very sick all day everyday, its hard for me to work or take care of my 4yr...any home remedies?


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Alvina - posted on 05/07/2016




I was having the nightmare of morning sickness up to 10 weeks, but after taking no to morning sickness tea, I relieved myself from this horrible sickness.

Cecilia - posted on 04/28/2013




Elfrieda, it doesn't always go away. With my first child I had morning sickness (all day actually) until I gave birth. It got so bad that drinking water made me puke. I had to go in once a week to get IV fluids.

The way i got through it is the same thing that people going through chemo do... massive amounts of ginger. Although ginger ale might help a little go to the grocery store and look for raw ginger root. Get a cheese grater and boil some water and you have what is called ginger root tea. After you drink it you can eat. You can also put it in most foods. You will get sick of the taste but the truth is it will help you keep some food in for a few hours.

I agree working is hard. My job was so understanding though. I worked in a store like lowes. They took me out of the flower department and into lighting which was next to the bathroom. I also carried a garbage can around with me lol.

As for the 4 year old. when you feel okay premake some meals. this way when you don't feel well you can microwave it.

Figure out what your triggers are.. mine was smells. Thing i never knew had a smell all of a sudden stunk to high heaven, like cardboard. No one was allowed to bring anything cardboard into the house and i toss what was in there out. The smell of chicken cooking was an automatic puking session. So no chicken cooking in the house either.

Elfrieda - posted on 04/28/2013




I kept half a lemon near me at all times. Sniffing it, licking it, even biting it sometimes helped if there was suddenly a wave of nausea.

Cold fruit sometimes went down a little easier. Frozen blueberries were almost always okay to eat.

Being outside helped quite a bit, too.

I just didn't eat a lot of the time because although I felt very hungry, I knew it would just come back up anyway and I really do hate puking. I'd eat about once a day when I was feeling okay. Not great nutrition for the baby, but if it's just for a few more weeks it'll probably be okay, especially if you've got some extra padding on you anyway. (I lost 10 lbs in the 1st trimester with each pregnancy and the midwives were not at all concerned - started at 185 lbs, 5'9" so I was about 15 lbs too heavy to start with, if that helps at all.)

Mostly just wait it out, though. :( 5 more weeks. I wonder if there is somewhere your daughter could go for a few days a week so you can just vegetate while you wait to feel better? Or go to the park every day and lie in the sun quietly with your lemon while your daughter plays?

I hope you feel better soon.

Harelia - posted on 04/28/2013




Try some honey with cinnamon, or try my personal favorite honey with egg and a dash of vinegar, mix it together and inhale it, it clears your nasal path and soothes your insides! Try some nausea tea with a lot of mint!

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