Navy BootCamp April 2016

Yvette - posted on 04/10/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello, my only daughter left for boot camp April 4th! I'm really having a difficult time with this no communication rule .. My daughter and I talked at least four or five times a day! I can't stop crying and wondering how she is doing !! Can anyone please tell me when will she be able to call or at least write her first letter?! Im so proud of her but this is tough!


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/11/2016




It will be around 14 days after her intake period. She's absolutely fine. The intake center would have allowed her a phone contact when she arrived, IF she desired to do so.

I do suggest that you find something to keep yourself occupied, and keep from obsessing that she's not contacting you. She's in the service now. There ARE going to be times when there is absolutely NO contact allowed, period, for up to months. Also, I agree with Jodi, 4-5 conversations a DAY with an adult child is a bit over the top, so this break is a good thing. It will help you learn to redirect your attentions a bit.

Ev - posted on 04/10/2016




In the military, there is a period of time they do not communicate with home but the base she is at for training should have sent you something in the mail indicating she is fine and will communicate soon. I do not know what the time limit is. Maybe call the Recruiter and see if they can give you that information but they will not be able to connect you with your daughter. Some of the reason they do not let them communicate with home the first few weeks is that it gets them home sick if they do and they also want the new recruits to get used to fending for themselves and focusing on what they are doing.

Jodi - posted on 04/10/2016




All I have to say is that it is not normal to talk to an adult child who doesn't live at home 4-5 times a day (I'm assuming she doesn't live at home, sorry if I assumed wrong). I don't know who has been initiating these conversations, but the no communication may be a good thing for a bit - almost like rehab.

I can't help with your question though, sorry. I have a child that lives half in my home and half the time at his girlfriend's house and because of the hours we all work, I don't communicate with him 4-5 times a day, so yeah, independence can take its toll, but it isn't a bad thing. You get used to it.

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