need a wise words! what to do?

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here is my story.. wife (32) and i (27). Dated for a while and she told me she was abused when she was 6. We got married in 2012. Had the best sex and best pre and post marriage dates. I had to go away for work for 8 months. I left my computer before going overseas. She found it one day deep-cleaning inside our closet and explored every single corner of it; she saw pictures, emails and files I had there before we even met from ex girlfriends i thought i had deleted. She was heart broken and I knew her trust for me was in jeopardy. I didnt know how to fix it being overseas. Well She changed drastically; she felt like I had used her and somehow abused her too. we promised each other to not file for divorce till I was back and take the chance of work things out. I never cheated on her but she felt like I did.
We finally reunited and when we get home and have to take a shower, go to bed...... she told me she needed time to forgive me for not being 100% honest. Well we aren't taking showers together. We aren't sleeping in the same bed. we aren't having sex. We aren't kissing. I feel like i'm her roommate. But when we go out we have a great time.. she confessed on our anniversary day in the morning crying like a baby that she used to like sex but she just doesn't want to have sex anymore. We had to be somewhere so I told her everything will be ok. And quoted (sex isn't everything). She went to get ready and once dolled up and ready she called me to give her my opinion on her shoes. I was getting out of the shower and was just in a towel. I walked in the living room and just to see her big baby blue eyes with her perfect well done make up on with red hot sexy lipstick on and straight blonde shiny hair falling on her shoulders and her sexy outfit on her very womanly frame. I was speechless. I'm already going crazy! I love her to death and we get along great however we are a brand new married couple and there's 0% intimacy! I need my intimate time and that connection with my wife! But she has made up her mind. No more sex! :( What should I do???


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I am not sure what help we can be here as this is a mom's community for advice on family and children. The only advice I can give is seek help and counseling.

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