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Cody - posted on 04/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a stay-at-home mom to an amazing 17 month old boy (plus 3 teenage foster children and a 7 yr old step son). I feel like I am in a rut with play activities for my little guy. I realize at this age play needs to be self directed and we mostly do what he wants but I feel like we are in a continual circle doing the same few things over and over. Any suggestions about age appropriate activities? I could spend a little money purchasing items if need be...I am really interested in finding fun, engaging, education things to entertain him. THANKS!!!


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Erin - posted on 04/21/2009




sidewalk chalk, bubble machine and a turtle sandbox w/ sand toys gave my daughter hours of fun last spring and summer (turned 1 last july). And now at 21m she loves those things even more. making playdo is fun a mess (we love messy stuff the best), coloring/painting, the library usuelly has things for little ones to do, oh and making card with stickers and crayons (they love that). You can make anything a game with a one year old. hope this helps!

Katie - posted on 04/21/2009




Have him help you make musical instruments (like toilet paper tube maracas or something) and then play with them. The involvement could be coloring, holding something while you fill it, etc.

Singing is always good. Or making up a dance routine to a favorite song.

When I was working as a nanny I'd just take normal things and switch up the order of it or add something new. If the kid liked playing with blocks, add some different shapes.

It's amazing how much even the smallest things can be so big to a toddler.

I love that age.

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