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I need to know if it is possible for a grandmother to put a restrainging order on the father of a child by lying and saying he is abusive just because she doesnt like the fact he is with someone else....she is trying to force him to leave his girlfriend and says if he leaves her she wont place the order on him. the grandmother is trying to force the father in a reltionship with the mother however they didnt work out for a reason and have both moved on. i need to know if she has a leg to stand on since i am the girldriend.


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Tamara - posted on 06/06/2011




I think that first there will have to be evidence saying he has abused her, (drs notes, police reports and the such),It is not easy to get a restraining order on someone. Lots of things need to go in to it.

I am pretty sure that the parent would have to get the order not a grandparent for a minor.

Good Luck

Jenny - posted on 06/06/2011




yea, basicly this is all starting because the two parents cant get along together in a realtionship. the father and i got together and ever since the mother has allowed my boyfriend near their daughter the grandmother has been threatening things.....i just dont know anymore i dont want to cause him to loose his daughter but i dont want to leave either.

Stephanie - posted on 06/06/2011




a threat is only a threat. She can start a case with PS's if she really wanted to open a can of worms, it also can back fire on her terribly. It sounds like a mediator service could be of help. Call some kind of family advocating services in your area and get info. from them. As long as you have done nothing wrong then she will not have a leg to stand on. But father has to be on the up and up too, and enforce specific happenings in said childs interrest. What gets me upset is people seem to forget it's about what is in the childs best interest not anyone elses.

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