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Jule - posted on 12/08/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husbands aunt came to live in our granny flat, everything was great for the first 3 months, her partner had died 8 months before she came to live with us. She is 64 and doesn't even know how to pay a bill let alone anything else. After 3 months she started to bait me, like she was looking for an argument, I would just let it go over my head. One night she burst into our house and verbally abused my 2 children. I told her she has no right to do that and my husband went and told her the same, I said to my husband if this continues she will have to move out, about a month later she was baiting me again, this time when I didn't bite on her first 3 topics, she chose my children and of course I bit, it ended up in an argument so I went home and told her I would talk to her later when we had both calmed down, she then burst into my house and wanted to continue the argument I kept on insisting that I would talk to her later when I wasn't so angry, she then called me a few choice names and walked out my back door and smashed up the back yard whilst yelling profanities. I have never in my life met a person who behaves in this way. Since then I have told my husband that she must move out, I have had 4 months of arguments with my husband and crap from her. I have told my husband that he needs to put his wife and children before her to which he replies, "but she is my aunty" we basically had nothing to do with her until her partner died and now she has just latched onto my husband. She has only 1 friend, her stepchildren that she brought up have nothing to do with her and her partners family have nothing to do with her since he died. My husband and I have always had a very strong relationship, have been through the mill and back quite a few times but has always made our relationship stronger. But this time I don't know if we will come out the other side, when ever he mentions moving out she threatens him with suicide and so he relents. I have the support of one of my husbands brothers, he says to her that she must move out as she has been disrespectful and cannot behave like that, apparently she is finally applying for a unit, but I can't seem to get past the fact that my husband has put her first above me and the children, my husband broke his neck a couple of years ago and was in hospital for a month and off work for 8 months which meant we had to close our business and live off our savings and my wage, was very hard emotionally and financially but we came through it stronger, his aunt through all of this never rang him or visited him to see if he was ok. She seems to think that just because she is his aunt it gives her the right to behave however she likes and we all have to put up with it.any advice would be appreciated especially in the area of getting past the fact that he has put her before his family.

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