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Hello. I am a single mother who works full time. I have a 2 year old with my ex boyfriend who I broke up with 2 months ago. I always let him come see my son whenever he wants and I let him take him for a couple of days when he wants to also. Recently he decided to take me to court for visitation because he says he cannot stand seeing me because he still had feelings for me. Now I don't understand why he is making us have set days when he could've just come see his son whenever he wanted to. I am most worried because I think most likely he'll get him on the weekends. But his day likes to party a lot and he leaves my son with how mom or his sister to go party. The only time I leave my son with someone else is when I have to go to work, other than that I'm always with my son. Can he just leave my son with someone else if he is supposed to have him on the weekends by order of the court?


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If there are no custody/visitation/child support orders set now then it might not be a bad idea to go to court and get that done. He has a right to ask for set visitation just as you have the right to ask for custody and child support. As for visitation, if he gets weekends, he won't get them all. If he is the non-custodial parent, he will get every other weekend and the holidays will be set by the visitation roster in the state you are in. But you can not demand he does not get weekends because that is part of the visitation. Also once he has his son even now on the couple of days he gets him, its his time and you can not tell him how to use that time. So if he leaves his kid with his parents or siblings or whomever to go party, he is the one loosing out. You can ask for it to be added that he has to spend that weekend with the kid but you are not going to be able to prove he will go party. Its he said/she said at this point and unless you have proof its going to be bad for your son....nothing will stand up in court. You have to put your feelings for him away and focus on the kid's needs.

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