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Hello. I am a single mother who works full time. I have a 2 year old with my ex boyfriend who I broke up with 2 months ago. I always let him come see my son whenever he wants and I let him take him for a couple of days when he wants to also. Recently he decided to take me to court for visitation because he says he cannot stand seeing me because he still had feelings for me. Now I don't understand why he is making us have set days when he could've just come see his son whenever he wanted to. I am most worried because I think most likely he'll get him on the weekends. But his day likes to party a lot and he leaves my son with how mom or his sister to go party. The only time I leave my son with someone else is when I have to go to work, other than that I'm always with my son. Can he just leave my son with someone else if he is supposed to have him on the weekends by order of the court?


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He said he doesn't want to see you, so he wants to be able to pick his son up and have visitation without you around. That's my guess. And that's a fair call on his part.

In answer to your question, yes, he can leave your son with a trusted adult if he chooses. Once he has his visitation time, you can't control how he chooses to spend it. If he decides he wants to go out somewhere, he can have him babysat by someone, and I would consider his mother or sister would be ok. You are already letting him take your son for a couple of days as he pleases now - how do you know this isn't what is already happening?

Given you don't know what he is asking for at this point, you need to find out what visitation he is asking for. It should be stated in the documents he filed I would think.

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