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Courtney - posted on 04/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello everyone. So I've been having some problems with my marriage. Me and my husband went to his families house last week and drank a lot alotnof aclochol we was both drunk. We have rum, jack Daniel's, jagger. And beer all mixed together. And I could barely remember the night. So we got into a fight his sister said I hit him five times and I didnt remember any of it. And he hit me about five or six times and black my eye and I had a broken blood vessel. We never get violent like that and he said he blacked out and didn't remember why we was even fighting which neither do I. I don't know if he's gonna try to act like he has control of me or not. I'm across of that happening and then after days of saying he's sorry he tried to blame me for it happening. Because I hit him first. But I don't remember ever doing that. He has bruises too. So I must have. I wanna give him a second chance because we was so drunk. And I beleiev he doesn't remember because I didn't remember anything I had never been so drunk. But how do I get it to leave my head? I've never went thru this. I made him leave for a few days and I feel bettter but it comes back to mind every so often. We have a baby together and we have such a happy marriage before this. And I just wish that part would go away. But I did tell him drunk sober or what of it ever happens again I'm gone. And I will be if it does.

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