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Holly - posted on 03/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, I have a 3 1/2 year old son and I am concerned that there is a possibility he might have asthma! Let me start from the beginning, it seems that since my son has started preschool he has had this cough that does not seem to ever want to leave! He has had a few breaks from it, but those breaks never seem to last for more then a few weeks before the cough returns! A couple of months ago my son got a nasty head cold that caused him to cough constantly at night and I mean all night! After the 2nd night of this I got him into the dr and they listened to his lungs. He had some wheezing, so they gave him a treatment and sent me home with some albuterol! The dr told me that it usually takes a couple times for them to go in before they say it is asthma! So this coughing still continued, until I finally decided to get him into the dr for it again. Then of course the coughing goes away 5 days before the appointment, well guess what, its back! Now here is the reason I am writing this very long book... Last night my son woke up around midnight starting with coughing, then it turned into this very labored cough with wheezing, as if he could not catch his breath, then he started to cry, which made the wheezing worse along with the fact that he could not breath well! I remnded me of croup! I finally got him calmed down enough to give him some honey for his cough, but he still kept crying, so I decided to bring out the inhaler! It worked instantly and he finally fell back asleep peacefully and had no problems the rest of the night! So now the question! Does this sound like an asthma attack? Or does this sound like croup? He did have a barky cough last night, but now it just sounds like cough with some phlem. He has never been diagnosed with asthma, but I am tired of seeing my little boy cough and having to go through all this! Enough is enough already! Thanks for your help everyone!

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