Need advice about braces on my eight year old..

Corrie - posted on 12/15/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




My sweet daughter was cursed with incredibly crooked teeth, she inherited them from me unfortuantely. Her dentist has reccomended braces. When I tell people this they all say that she is too young or that they've never heard of a child having them that young. She doesn't have all of her adult teeth yet and her dentist (who does orthodontics as well) says that she will probably need them now and then again when she has all her adult teeth. He also said that she will only need them now for a few months. Does anyone have any experience with this? What kind of questions should I ask? Is it a bad idea?

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Eve - posted on 06/29/2013




My 8-yr-old also has overcrowded teeth and her dentist is already recommending her to see an orthodontist. I asked why so early because not all her baby teeth had fallen out yet, and they said her teeth may need to be fixed in phases. Can anybody please explain why this would be necessary because it makes more sense to me to fix it all in one shot once all her baby teeth have fallen out. Also, because this is simply for cosmetic purposes, our dental insurance won't cover braces. Can't they just extract some teeth and let the others grow naturally? When I was younger, I had the same problem. My dentist simply extracted my cuspids, and the rest of my teeth had enough space to grow straight -- NO BRACES NEEDED! Later as an adult, I had my wisdom teeth extracted because there simply was no room back there. Problem solved. Can't the same be done to fix my daughter's overcrowded teeth? Need advice from any dentists in this community!!!

User - posted on 12/16/2008




I actually had braces twice, once when I was almost 10 and again when I was 15, doing it this way I was given a break and didnt have to wear them for 2-4 years straight. 1 year the first time which was to fix the huge gap in between my teeth (which i first had to get surgery for to shave that little piece of skin that is suppose to grow up from between your teeth as you get older, mine never did) and straighten out the other front ones and then again when I was about 14 i had them for about 15ish months, that time was to fix my canine teeth that never actually come all the way down to be even with my other teeth, they would have been straight and I would have not needed braces had they come down all the way. I also decided to throw them on the bottom at this time too, my bottom teeth were a little out of line but i figured lets fix those too while we are at it. Sometimes they do it early because they expect any other problems, sometimes they still happen unexpectedly. Id say go for it, it was much easier for me to wear them twice for a short period than what seemed like forever for my other friends. You may even get lucky and once you fix those the others may fall in line and they wont need a second time. I'm sure your ortho has very good reason as to why he wants to do this just like my dentist did.

Adriana - posted on 12/15/2008




Adult teeth follow in the line the baby teeth are in he may just be trying to correct issues he can for see being a bigger problem to correct with adult teeth. He is trying to have the braces on her adult teeth as short a time as possible because it gets exhausting for a young adult to take care of braces properly and the braces themselves can become an issue if in the mouth too long. Correcting teeth in the baby stage is easier because the gums are expecting changes and are therefore moldable more than when the adult teeth set in. Just simply ask him Why? What is the benefit and the purpose of twice. He is trying to make it easier on her though by breaking up the time and hopefully the first set will correct most of the problems he can see coming if her teeth continue to grow on there current path. Just be open and get a second and third opinion from dentists in different age ranges. I do not know what her teeth look like but I was thinking about lumineres for my kids. I had to where braces for a long long long time and still have a gap I need to correct. Good luck

Amie - posted on 12/15/2008




Well I don't see why he would want to do it twice. It makes no sense just to align them and then have to pay to get it done again when all her teeth are in place. It sounds like a scam to me for you to shell out more money and for it to go into his pocket. Unless she's having trouble with them, like being sore or can't eat properly I'd wait. But that's me. =)

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