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My 8 y/o daughter has developed belly pains here and there for about 9 months now. I first as a mother thought she ate something bad or just was feeling sick UNTIL about 3 1/2 months ago when she woke up with sever belly pains in the middle of the night. I rushed her to the ER where they said she was constipated. So here it is: My daughter has always pooped 1-3x a day with no problems. Once in a while it was harder to come out but mostly no problem and she go rid of alot. The ER said she was full of it, gave me a laxative and sent her home. Went in for her well check visit beginning of DEC and mentioned something to the Dr. and they put her on 1 1/2 cap fulls of Miralax for 1 month. By day 5 she was having diarrhea and every day pooping 5-6x a day. They stopped the dose for 2 days and restarted her on 1 cap which ended up staying runny here and there and again 5-8x a day on the toilet. I skipped some days on giving it to her because of the diarrhea. Got another appointment before 1 month f/u with another xray done and she is full of poop again and they started a regimen of 3 caps once a day until diarrhea and on the 2nd say to give her milk of mag in order to clean her out then we were to start on Sunday with daily 1/2cap. This started on a Friday and Saturday had emergency visit into the dr due to she was in so much pain and felt she needed to go and nothing was there. They did rectal and nothing was there. She started 1/2 cap early and still on it until today. I requesed ultrasound last Friday and they checked everything in her belly and told me it was normal. Now tech mentioned that she was FULL of Poop once again. My question is HOW when she is on this dose daily. I can't increase it and I don't trust that this is helping or let alone that she is JUST Constipated. When I received the results in the beginning of the week I asked WHAT NEXT cause she has been complaining of belly pains x3 a week and per U/S she is Full of poop again..........MY BIG QUESTION IS: Does any parent have a similar problem with their child that there is something we are missing. She has a great diet with fruits and veggies, very very little soda, drinks lots of water, no vomiting, poops no problem on this regimen 3-5 x a day and we are taking her to a Pedi GI DR next week for 2nd opinion. Any suggestions for me to mention to this next DR? PLEASE HELP


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Has she been checked for a bladder infection? This is something that can be EXTREMELY painful.

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Aw, poor kiddo. I bet alot of that belly pain is gas on top of everything else! When I was a child, I had gas that felt like a knife twisting through my guts everyyyy day. Ask if gasX is okay at her age, it will at least help with the sharp gas pains.

My little brother had encopresis, and I was his caregiver. He was on all the laxatives you listed, and it was always hard to find a happy medium between diarrhea and constipation. Just be sure she has lots of liquids, water, fruit juice, popsicles, jello.

Getting a second op and seeing the GI are the right things to do. Tell your doc exactly what you wrote in your post. Bring all the medicines you have been using. ASK A HUNDRED MILLION QUESTIONS! How long will this last? How is she filling with poop if she's also pooping? How can the pain be relieved? What is causing this? What diet and lifestyle changes can help with symptoms? What are the signs of an emergency with this condition?

Good luck to you and your girl!

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hopefully that GI specialist will find something. I hope so, poor kiddo!

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