need advice for hair pulling and slapping

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My daughter is 10 months old and her behavior went from well behaved to 24/7 tantrum over night, it seems. When she is chewing on my phone and banging it around, I take it away from her and she pulls my hair and slaps me and screams at me. She does this with everything she isnt suppose to have or do. When I take her away from something she screams at the top of her lungs scratches me bites me and pulls my hair. When her daddy or grandma pick her up though, she doesnt do it to them....I dont know what to do!!!


Jodi - posted on 02/16/2014




Redirection. When you take something from her that she wants, give her something she can have that may be interesting to her, just as your phone is (as an example). Don't just take it off her, replace it. Your daughter is exploring the world, she is going to get into things she shouldn't. Now is the time you need to make sure you keep things away from her little hands if you need to, and be vigilant. Of course she doesn't do it to daddy and grandma - they aren't the ones who ruined her fun! But honestly, at this age, redirection to something else interesting is the best way to go.


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[momoftwo] - posted on 02/16/2014




I agree with Jodi, our son will be 2 years old in a few months and we are still having to do the redirection thing lol.

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