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Hi every one well tomorrow at 5am im going to start getting induced at the hospital , i need some advice though. I have a 3 year old daughter and she is being such a cry baby, she cries for anything :( and lately she wants lots more attention then the usual . Well now im getting super NERVOUS/ANXIETY thinking to myself how can i handle both of them and a new born with a crazy 3 year daughter !! I never felt this way till this weekend , it really hit me. Has any one been in my shoes and how did yall do it ??? Anything will help ! i feel like a bad mom thinking i cnt do it .. But i have too lol. Super nervous and i would love any advice or anybody's stories , that would help me feel better. Knowing lots of moms out there been through this situation.. THANK YOU .. !


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Just make sure she is part of the whole process baby is going to get a lot of attention so make sure she is included in the attention tell her what a great big girl she is and if you have a baby shower once baby arrives make sure you have a couple of congratulations your a big sister presents this is what we did with my son and my kids are 8 years apart so he had a long time of just mommy before his sister came along as his step dad and I didn't move in together until he was 6.

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My daughter was 3 when my second was born. I stayed the night at my parents because I could just FEEL labor coming on. Sure enough at 12am my water broke, luckily my daughter was already at my parents and I just called my husband to pick me up. She was more than fine. The next day my parents brought her to the hospital to meet her new sister.

Maybe you should try that? Stay the night with your daughter at your parents if you can. She will be fine. I was scared too because for 3 years she had been the only one. Now they get along great at 3 and 6! In fact my 6 year old is awesome with her little sister.


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It is not uncommon for a child to start acting like this. She probably will be more needy once the baby comes, but she will also probably be quite enamored.

My girls were closer together and it was challenging, but it is a totally natural thing for families to expand. You will all adapt and figure things out. Take advantage of any help you can get to free you up to spend time with your 3-year-old. She will need the 1:1 time even if it's 20 minutes at a time. Take your shower with her, take a nap with her, look for ways to be close to her and reassure her that you do not love her any less and that you have plenty of love to go around.

Take a deep breath! This too shall pass...

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My son was 22 months when my daughter was born. I got super nervous in the days leading up to delivery too. I think it's natural. When we have a child, we are thrown into new situations, experiences, and realities. We learn to adjust to these and live our lives, settling into a pattern and routine. When we have another baby, we THINK we know what to expect because we have the memory of how to care for a newborn, etc. BUT, I think as it gets closer to the reality of having another one we realize, it is different, because you've never done it with 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5, etc.) and every baby is different. When I had my daughter, I stressed so much about how I was going to cope. When she came, she was an extremely irritable baby, VERY high needs. She also had medical issues that required hospitalizations, medications, and surgery - all before she was a year. My son adjusted very well to the transition. Was I a perfect parent or dedicated all my energy to him anymore? No. But I did the best I could. He was fed, played with, and happy so I figure I must've done something right. In reality, I just took things one day at a time. I tried to create a routine of sorts as both babies did better once we did. Like any change, there's a period of adjustment. You just need to allow yourself some forgiveness if you have a less than stellar parenting moment or your house doesn't get cleaned or the laundry done. Your baby girl will adjust with you. She may fight it at first, expect some jealousy (totally normal for 3 year olds), maybe even some regression (her wanting to be a baby). Kids are pretty resilient though. We bought my son a toy that we had his baby sister gift to him to help him welcome her. Also encourage her to help. My son was much younger, but even he could pass me a diaper or a toy, or a blanket. Have her help you burp the baby, pick out outfits, etc. It will help her to not feel excluded. You will do just fine! Good luck with your delivery!

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