Need Advice!! In middle of custody battle.

Brittany - posted on 06/29/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay, So my husband filed for a change in custody a couple months ago. We both got along with bm pretty decent until she got the papers. Now she is holding his son from him, filling his head with lies, and expects us to answer to everything we do in our life that's none of her business. We are taking her to court because she wasn't making my SS do his homework, sent him to school smelling like pee, missed A LOT of school and was tardy for school 2 to 3 times a week, she has only taken him to the dentist one time (we always have to do it), he was diagnosed with tooth decay at 6, after getting $4000 worth of dental work done she still doesn't make him take care of his teeth, he now has another cavity and she said she would take him to get it fixed and never did so now we have to once again, her and her husband both work 3rd shift, all the kids go to daycare during the night, she won't let us keep him while she's working, she doesn't show any interest in his schooling in fact we have his teacher testifying on our half! We have text messages of her cussing my husband out and putting him down as a father when he's a very good dad! She won't let us have him on thanksgiving or Christmas night (all night) "because it's not fair to his sibling" when he also has 3 siblings here. She hasn't hired a lawyer and we have one. My question is what are our chances of winning custody. Our lawyer thinks we have a 90% chance. I'm so sick of all the high school drama and it's getting really hard for me not to just go off on her...again!

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