NEED ADVICE My 3 year old daughter seems to not like me dating

Stephanie - posted on 08/02/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm 24 years old, my daughter turned 3 on May 15th and since before me and my boyfriend hooked up its been nothing but us. We are so intimate we kiss and have valentines dates and I named her Juliet cause I promise to be her Romeo. The more I write the more I feel like I'm the cause to our issues.... Anyways Ive been dating my significant other since July 2015 and still together, he was 19 at the time but now 20.

At the beginning she was open to us because we would try to focus solely on her all of our dates would be child friendly. She wouldn't be mean shell play with him but anything other then laughs and candy she won't agree. So a year into it he wants to have a role in what she thinks is all moms duty and i would love the help but mostly would love if she allowed him to get to that level. Medicine, picking her up from a long day, serving her food, doing her hair mostly everything she yells NOO! and says mommy. Its the most difficult situation I have ever been because I want my daughter to be happy and I want my boyfriend to know that he's appreciated and time will work with us when she's older.

I also think as a young man he wanted more, so I agreed to give more us dates instead of the kid friendly dates but thats when the struggle grew even more. Now that I have 2 classes and he's agreed to watch her while I go she cries and yells at him. I need advice! Please

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