need advice on child custody!!!

Kassie - posted on 07/06/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




i signed full custody over to my ex husband under the verbal agreement i could get them anytime i wanted them. and i signed because i had no job at the time no money all i had was the clothes i took with me and i did not want my kids to have to go through that. I have not had my kids over night since july of 2010. my ex has to pull them off me when i leave which breaks my heart in to, i have asked him so many time to let me have them for a weekend or a week. the last time i asked he said i am on vaction let me have peace, to which i replied when you think you can take the time out to talk to me please do i would really appreciate it since it does have to do with our kids, and all he said was k. that was 3 days ago. i see my kids once aweek because i live 1 and a half hours way and gas is very expencive. and he wont let them come stay with me at all. I know me cheating was not good but, i cant change it now. all i care about is my kids and i want joint custody with him i dont want to be like him and use our kids against each other that is not what a parent does. what do i need to do. please help me and dont judge me i have enough people doing that.


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call everyday to talk to the children as well! How many kids do you have with BD? (BIO DAD) did you get divorced? How long ago did you go to court? Is it in writing the temp custody?

Megan - posted on 07/10/2011




i wil not judge you! BDs can have custody too! Not just for moms! there is a lot of evil "men," who have custody and shouldnt! I feel for you exactly!
DId you get a journal and note EVERYTHING DOWN. date , time, conversation held.
can you get legal aid?

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Verbal agreements count for nothing. Only signed papers matter. You may be stuck, but it might be possible to change things a bit with a lawyer. But don't count in it. The fact that you signed away your custody rights will matter a lot to the judge.

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If you signed full custody over trying to even get partial custody at this part will be almost impossible. Most judges do not like that, sorry but its the truth. You do however have legal rights and need to go to court and have them enforced. In the state of Indiana the noncustodial parent is entitled to one 4 hr visit through the week and alternating weekends. (friday at 6 until sunday at 6) They also get holdiay time and summer visitation time ( half the summer). You need to get into a court like yesterday and get it taken care of

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Take him to court and put the visitation in writing. He can't fight a cout order. If you arre back on your feet then it should be a quick in and out with court, but get an attorney. It will help.

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If you signed over full custody and he does not want to change that voluntarily you will have to prove in court that a change in your favor is in the kids best interests.

Hollie - posted on 07/10/2011




Yes all good questions how long ago was the divorce? How old are the children and how many?

Esther - posted on 07/06/2011




what state are you in? is the custody you haver ight now written and filed by the court? if not some states say mom gets custody as soon she has the ababy she can leave the child with anyone and come back and take them unless it is otherwise ordered by the court. you can look for legal aid service around you that can help file papers at minimal cost else you can go to your local court adminstrator ask for copy of papers and fill them out yourself and it will have instructions on how to fill and file them without a lawyer. i suggest you do this part without a lawyer it will save you money on filing fees and paying a lawyer to fill out such easy paperwork.

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