Need advice on how to deal with my son's crazy Grandmother!

Ariel - posted on 07/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son's Grandmother does nothing but slander my name and has also threatened to tell my son when he gets older "what kind of horrible person I am". His father is in jail and has another child from another girl who he was actually neglecting to see my child for the first two years of my sons life. He has a criminal history (I know I picked a winner) and I decided at that point that I did not want my son to have contact with his father while going to his grandmothers. Which by the way I have never turned down to see my son. He had his opportunity and decided he had other priorities. They like to say that I was such a bitch and I made it impossible for him to visit him which isn't true. They like to believe that I am jealous of the new mom and baby however I am not and have moved on into another very healthy relationship. If there's anything I feel it's resentment which I think is natural. The mother likes to make false accusations about me and pretty much told me all I would ever be is a "baby mama" and that I am pretty much a horrible mother. I know she loves my son but there is no behaving in a civil manner with this woman. At this point I would like to sever ties with all of them and if his father decides to man up and do his job as a father when he is release that is fine but until then I want nothing to do with them. They really do make me feel horrible and do cause lots of stress in my life that I do not need. Especially for my son. When I stress he feels it and I want to do my best to protect him from becoming the same person his father is. His mother is responsible for the way he ended up. He has a destructive chip on his shoulder because of that woman and I don't want my son to turn out the same! What should I do!?!? :/


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Unlike the father, the grandmother really doesn't have any legal rights to visitation with your son, so if you think he is better off without her influence, stop taking him to visit her.
That said, when your ex does eventually get out of prison, he will have rights to visitation with your son, and if he is granted unsupervised visitation, he'll be able to take the child to visit grandma and there will be little you can do about it unless you can prove that he or she poses an immediate, physical threat. So keep that future in mind as you make your decisions--the consequences can come back to haunt years later.

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