Need advice on in-laws...

Hollie - posted on 11/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok. Ever since my first child was born I've had problems here and there with her grandparents (her dads parents). They own a store/ restaurant, everytime we go there they decide what she eats not us. They tell us "oh don't give her this or that". If I, as a first time parent aren't scared for her choking on a certain food then they shouldn't be either. But most of the time its "but my son choked on this at this age". But this is my child nobody seems to care what I think. The other day I noticed they cut her fingernails (and i thought what if i was letting them grow on purpose).. Ikknow I probably shouldn't have been upset about fingernails but my point was that I should get to make decisions in my childs life. Were letting my daughtersbangs grow out and they keep saying they're going to cut it. I told my fiance that if they were to do that I will be really mad. They buy her things before I can get a chance to. They have campers and all kinds of stuff and say they bought it for her. When they buy her stuff she can't have it at home it has to be at their house. They've bought stuff in the past and sent it home only to take it back without me knowing until months later. My point of all of this is my daughters grandparents act more like her parents and I can't stand it. I told them back when I was pregnant that they were not going to tell my child "yes" wheb I've already told her "no". We've got in multiple arguments about that because they say "well I'm gonna keep tell her yes". They haven't gotten to have my second child like they have my first yet. I may sound dumb but I don't want kids who think that " oh my mom said no but granny and papa will say yes". Or " my mom can't afford but papa and granny will buy me whatever I want". Am I the only one who feels this way?

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