need advice on issues with my 5 year old boy..

Madeline - posted on 08/07/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi im worried about my little boys behavior. Let me start by saying he is quite a character..very and affectionate. The down side is he has a few issues/quirks. He has huge frustration issues. Mainly with toys or things that dont work perfectly. He will scream..cry..throw..swear. and if you try and help he flips even more. Besides the frustration and anger he had weird quirks. First one is he is obssesed with girls feet..mainly mine. He tries to touch and smell them any chance he can. Other quirks are weird things he does when certain words are said. When someone says "sick" he pretends to choke..every time..if i say "swear" he slaps himself in face..if i say " the f word" he snaps his baffled why he does this and why he is still throwing tantrums..are these connected? Is he just a goofball? Or something more? Any advice helpful!

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