Need advice on listing father on birth certificate

Holly - posted on 07/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter has had numerous "boyfriends".
One was a friend she met while visiting her aunt out of state while she was only 16 he was in his early 20's. several years later they met up again, living in different states. She got pregnant by this man and told him they were expecting, posted ultrasound pictures of "their" baby on the Internet. His mom and I had planned the baby shower. Then she met a low life idiot where she lives and 3 months later takes her autistic child who lived with me for four years, and didnt want to go, and moves in with him. She then tells the baby's father it wasn't his, she had her dates mixed up. She left the fathers name as unknown on the birth certificate. Can she do that? Does that mean that any time a woman and the baby's father break up she can list unknown to keep his child from him?? My daughter has 2 great boys. The older boy has autism. They lived with me for four years, she was too busy with her "friends" to be bothered. I was his stability, the only consistent person in his life, when he came to live with us he was 2. He couldn't speak or do any other things children his age do, mom insisted he was a slow learner. I took him to the specialist, therapist, attended classes and enrolled him in a school for children DD. The only person he had was me and after calling 4 of her boyfriends daddy, his life went upside down, now this new guy, he and I can't stand each other. He has threatened to kick me out of his house and she has threatened to keep him from visiting me when she gets mad at me or when I try to point out to her his old behaviors returming. She lied to one dad to be with another guy then she rips her child with a disability away from the only life he ever knew and he is not dealing very well. There should be laws against what she's doing. What do you sugges?


Sarah - posted on 07/08/2013




Yes she can list the father's name as unknown. In many states if they are not married the birth father must be at the hospital at time of birth and sign a paper stating that he acknowledges that he is the father of this child in order to have his name put on the birth certificate. Now if he is wanting parental rights then he must go to court and request a DNA test be done. Once the DNA test is done and it proves he is the father then he gets parental rights.

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