need advice on potty training

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My little one (turns 2 next month) is going through a phase where I take her nappy off to change her and she won't let me put a fresh one on and won't sit on the potty or the toilet to do her business, but she'll do it while playing with no nappy on, and she'll say oops when she's urinating. I keep putting her on the potty when this happens. She'll sit on the potty, no problem, just won't do anything in it. what else do I need to do? is she ready for toilet training?


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I would try...I tried with my son at 23 months and succeeded.
Let her see you go on the potty. Every trip to the bathroom.
I got the lightbulb to come on for my son when we started snatching him STRAIGHT out of bed and going for the potty. I already KNOW he's going to pee-pee soon...he just woke up. This gives me a heads up to start the process. We sing, we dance, we coo...and eventually he actually got a few drops in the potty. He got a treat! A fruit snack treat. After a day or two of him catching a hold of the idea that you get CANDY when you go peepee in the potty.....I was sure he had the concept.
I added a little rule to the potty training. If he did good, he got his treat. If he did bad, peed on his little feet in the middle of playing...then when Mama came to kneel down and clean up the puddle...MAMA is eating a fruit snack. He doesn't get the fruit snack when Mama cleans it up...MAMA gets it...and MAMA eats it RIGHT in front of him. I got TWO husband got ONE. The boy is daytime two years and 2 weeks.
BEST of luck to you!!!!

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