need advice on potty training after tramatic first time?


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Tabitha - posted on 06/11/2012




Oh my, I would probably just leave the potty seat out for him and encourage him to use it. Don't push it, he'll probably need more time. Be sure to praise him when he tries to use it, whether he succeeds or not. If he has accidents, just help him change and let him know that accidents happen. You'll probably need to be extra gentle when he has accidents so that he'll learn that he won't be punished for it.

We had "potty candy" that was given specifically after using the potty. We used a pretty good size jar. When they were all gone, they got to pick out new undies and I made a little ribbon that said "I'm a big boy, and use the potty!" Good luck.

Margaret - posted on 06/11/2012




His aunt was trying to help us potty train him... she was spanking him and yelling at him when he would wet his pants. this was going on after i was no longer in the house. now that i am back in the house. i am having to go the thru the process after all that

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