Need advice on what to do with step child and his bio mother?

Devon - posted on 03/10/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




my step son has recently got into trouble again. He was hanging out with two friends who are really bad influence and because he wanted to hang out with them they broke into a trailer that someone lives in and they got busted. he had to go to the police station and his step father took him in while his biological mother stayed in the car and slept! me and his bio dad get him and his sister every other weekend and they live about an hour or so away. his mother doesn't care about him or any of her other children. there house is poison and he is a very unhappy kid. they live in a 3 bedroom trailer with about 2 adults and 6 children. 7 cats, 2 dogs, and she also started an organization to rescue stray cats/kittens which at any given time there is about 17 or more cats in the house. I have tried calling children and youth but they don't see anything wrong with all the animals being in the house. this child has been through a lot. when he was younger his mother's boyfriend at the time threw him and broke my step son's leg, he went to a babysitter years later and had to watch the babysitter get beat up by her boyfriend, there has been men in and out of his home at his mothers. she did finally get married but he doesn't like his step father much. his mother is a psycho and she puts her animals and everything else before him. the only thing that me and his father can think of is taking her for custody after the school year is up and seeing what comes about what he did with his friends because we are not sure yet if he has to go to court for this and possible jail. but if we take them to court the only problem is I have two kids of my own and a baby with my step sons father and we are going to have to move soon into a bigger place ourselves. what is anyone's opinion? my fiancé has talked to the mother as well as her own husband about getting him counseling but she refuses to acknowledge that he needs help and im just afraid that in the long run he is just going to get worse!

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