Need advice: what limits are reasonable for my strong-willed 2 year old

Leanne - posted on 02/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter was difficult from the get-go. Her first year of life she screamed and cried non-stop for the entire time she was awake. Endlessly, for hours and hours. We had a million tests and scans done, she's been seen by loads of doctors, and there is officially nothing wrong with her--they say it's just her personality. She's just "difficult."

The last year has been the same--crying constantly, but now she's even worse--everything sends her into hysterics. We've gone through three day cares this past year. She argues with everything. Time outs don't work--she just gets so hysterical she throws up and pounds on the doors and walls until our neighbors complain. "Describing her feelings for her" doesn't work, either, she just screams more.

She'll say she wants to eat X, but then when you give it to her she wants Y. I've tried just taking her food away if she doesn't want to eat it but that just sends her into further hysterics--for hours.

My husband won't be around her at all anymore--he keeps "joking" that he wants to give her up for adoption. Other times he says he wants a divorce.

Ok, so one specific question I have is: do I just offer her X food, and then if she doesn't want it, take it away and let her scream until her next meal? She is SUPER tenacious and NEVER gives up. Seriously, she will scream endlessly for hours and hours.

Lately she's started to withdraw from us. She doesn't want to be held or touched anymore. She's started fighting more with the other kids.

I've read loads of books and advice & seen several different doctors. They all say different things, and I'm not sure what to try now. Please, any advice??

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