Need advice with my 18 son

Peediddy - posted on 06/05/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son has been a very good boy the most problems we have with him is with his grades up until eight months ago he got a girlfriend. Up to this point he hung out with us he enjoyed being around us and now it's like we don't exist we have the rules that now he has a problem with on weekends his curfew is 1130 during the school week his curfew is 930. Since this girlfriend has come into his life we have tried to communicate with her we have tried to include her but she wants nothing to do with us. We have always been a close family we have always done things together. The problem I have with his girlfriend is she has him by the balls.he doesn't do drugs he doesn't drink he just wants to be with her 24 seven which I have no problem with his spending some time with his girlfriend but not all the time . If you tell him he can't see her for some reason that day he becomes very emotional. Mind you he sees her about every day but she doesn't allow him to spend time with his friends. She refuses to eat dinner with us so he takes her out to eat and blows his money on her. We have taught our son to be respectful to other people yet his girlfriend disrespects us By notspeaking to us and coming over and short shorts that her butt cheeks are hanging out. We have talked to him and talk to him about wanting a better future for him wanting him to care about his future about his grades about saving money. He's 18 he's a junior in high school but has been going to school half a day and then goes to college half a day because he wants to become a cop. I'll sounds great right? So here's the problem for last two months he's been doing pretty much what he wants breaking curfew not caring and all he talks about is this girl being the one he wants to be with she is his world. There's much more to the story but we argue all the time now he is changed so much in the last few months and I don't have a problem with him having a girlfriend it's the problem is is the girls disrespectful and now he is the girl is controlling and he doesn't see it. So his dad talk to him the other day and tells him that he doesn't like being disrespectful and not following the rules in this house he has to follow the rules we know he's 18 but he still has one year left the school and there's more in life then this girlfriend, my husband then gave him a choice And told him that he has to follow the rules to show respect and to get a summer job. If you can't follow by our rules he has to leave. We have kept our mouth shut to a point because he's 18 and didn't want to push them away but his girlfriend is already pushing him away for us. My son showed no emotion nothing his dad gave him three days to pack the stuff and leave. I found out that he's going to move in with a friend. Who is very troubled the mother has no control over her child I don't know what to do. Her son is into drugs minus not I'm afraid that the path he will choose on the other hand you have a girlfriend who is pushing him to do all this. My son has not spoke to me in three days because I has to question what are you doing why are you doing this? I talked to my boss about this she told me that go it's Toughlove and my doing the right thing I'm just exhausted I don't know what else to do please help!

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