need advise :( idk what is the right thing to do

Sonia - posted on 09/15/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Idk what to do. My son is going to be 3 years next month and he recently started getting speech therapy. And just 2 weeks ago he started a preschool. Today I got a call from his therapist saying that he needs a lot of help and he doesn't understand what she's saying for the most part. I should mention I talk to him in Spanish since that my first language and my mom who watches him while I work full time only speaks Spanish. He understands everything when we talk to him in Spanish but he won't really talk yet. He tries but doesn't really come out right that's y they gave him early intervention. But today the therapist tells me that he needs a lot of help and that I have to talk to him slower and not talk to him in Spanish anymore. I know my son. He maybe a little behind with the speech but he is bright. She told me if I have him in the preschool that he is expected to do everything the kids do including the homework and since he can't that she wants him to have someone there with him always to be with him. Idk if I am doing harm to him or if this will help him. I just need some advise. I'm a single mom and he is my first so all this is a little hard for me.


Sarah - posted on 09/15/2016




I was born to parents who spoke both Polish and English. I struggled a lot as a 3-4 year old. I can understand and speak Polish, but not read or write it. Then I could speak English and had to learn to read and write it. Fortunately my mom always spoke English, and my dad in Polish and by kindergarten it evened out. I started Spanish in junior high, and having another language under my belt made it very easy to learn. I studied Spanish all thru HS and college and am fully literate. I an not good enough to be a "legal" translator, but good enough to talk to the the parents of my Latino students. I also did an immersion, where I live with a family who spoke no English at all! I had to figure out how to ask for even a tampon in Spanish! Oh did they make fun of me.
Does your school have a dual language program? If so, maybe do that for a year but please, please, please push you child into an English only program. Do not put a translator at his side, it will slow him down! If he knows he has a translator next to him, he will not push to learn the syntax and vocabulary of English. I work in a dual language school setting and it does not benefit the kids to not force them to learn English. They just wait, let the teacher speak and then listen to the translator. Huge waste of time and money IMO. He will learn, it may take time but he will learn. He needs to be able to read, write and speak English if he is going to live here. I get that grandma may only speak Spanish and that you speak English and Spanish. You gotta stick with the English, he has to learn to read and write it as well. I agree that holding him back and putting him in groups that are English speaking will help.


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