Need advise, Im so depressed I lost all my friends and Im pregnant.

Ingrid - posted on 02/15/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, Its my first time to share a story here. It will be a very very long story as my lfe got so complicated! really complicated.

My boyfriend and I been together since July 2013 but cheated on me and he's with my GUY friends everytime he's with his chick. When I discover that, I got mad at him, broke up and also got mad on my GUY friends and posted on fb that all they were all a user because all on my mind that time that they were only good to me every time they need something and the time that my bf cheated on me, they didnt even protect me.My girl bestfriend was also mad at them that time because they made her and her bf looked like a liar (bec. her bf saw them with the girl one time) but we still got together (my bf and i) later on I got pregnant and depressed bec It was an unplanned and my bf and I has no work to provide for my babys needs. my bestfriends used to be my outlet in all of my problems most especially with my bf. eventually, my bestfriend got to talk with my GUY friends also during the eve of new year. She later on knew what really happened. all the problem was because of my BF! and she also told me that. My bf admitted everything. I apologize at my friends thru fb message, most of them just sent me a thumbs up and one of my GUY friend left the conversation. the day after my message was my other bestfriends farewell party, all of us was invited but I opt not to go, for me not to destroy my bestfriends party as It will be surely awkward for me and my guy friends. My boyfriend was a bit drunk that time and got mad at them as he felt that they are all against me and dont even talk to me. He dont want me to be sad bec Im pregnant so he posted something harsh on fb but not dropping their names and my friends msg him and my bf gate crashed the party but my bf said that he just wanted to talk, bec he think I've been the only one against them and dont want me to be sad because I was just alone that time and they were having fun. and then my girl bestfriend got mad at him and punch him and hit his car. then my bf ran his car fast that made my bestfriend got scratches on her knees. my bestfriend went to my house and got mad at me. she punches my bf a lot and I was stopping them and crying and screaming to stop. my bestfriends sister and my other bestfriend tried to stop me and protect mo bec I might have miscarriage. after that, I lost all my friends, I still choose to be with my bf because I have seen him change since the time we knew we had a baby and the cheating was done almost half a year and I dont want my baby to live without a father and I still love my bf. My bf apologizes to them after that but the incident was so fresh it made me so depress. My bf was also hurt physical and emotional. I know everything was his fault. but I think he doesnt deserve to be treated that way. They didnt see that he've changed a lot though he just later on admitted that he cheated on me. I stayed with him bec. I dont want his effort of changing for better to be wasted, I dont want him to feel his all alone. I can see him sorry for all the stupid things he've done. I want to help him cope up and he also want to do the same with me as we were building our future and changing the wrong weve done.

I wanna know what can you say to what happened. Am I choosing the right path? What should we do to fight the depression? We are losing hope. its like me and my bf against the world. :(( Iam living on my own and my family are abroad. I dont want them to know. Its really hard. :(


Gena - posted on 02/15/2015




I read the whole post but i dont quite understand. Your bf cheated and all your friends knew but didnt tell you?Well i wouldnt call them friends if they knew everything and didnt tell you. I personaly would not have given the bf a second chance after cheating.But you chose to and if its ok with you then carry on with your relationship. I dont really know what advice to give you. Maybe stop using facebook for dealing with your friends,rather talk to them in person and tell them how you feel. Try work things out with them if you really want then to be friends. If not you should just leave them alone. Focus on your pregnancy and your bf,encourage him to get a job befor the baby comes.

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