need amazing birthday party ideas

Nellie - posted on 03/04/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my little girl, kayla, will be turning 1 in june and im starting to plan her party. yes, i realize its months away, but im more excited about her first birthday then i was with her first christmas. i want her to have the most amazing time ever, so i need ideas to help make it a special day. im really not interested in people saying that im over-doing it, this is gonna be my baby girls first birthday, it needs to be extrodinary. what ive got planned so far is this: ive rented a communiy hall for the party an have already sent invitation to all her little friends. theres going to be roughly between 30-40 people. some from my parenting class, some of my friends and a few more parents and their kids. theres gonna be at least 20 kids there. i wanna get a kiddie pool and have swimming, but i dont know what other activities to have. the age range for kids will be between 6 months to 3 years. maybe facepainting? anyone have any good party actiities for babies? again, please dont tell me im overdoing it. i want my daughter to have an amazing time as well i guess im even more excited thenshe is as its such a big milestone.


Christy - posted on 03/04/2011




I would rethink the kiddie pool, there has to be strict supervision for kids so young around water, you know? God forbid something bad happened. I say this since you mentioned the ages of the kids are 18months to 3 yrs..

My SIL had different games set up around a room (neighborhood community center) for her daughter's 2nd for a prize, bean bag toss at another station, ring toss (BIG RINGS, LOL) at another, a little basketball toss at another, etc. There was a clown there but everyone was scared of him, LOL. Also face painting, maybe have another station with temporary tattoos? I thought this party was great because it kept the kids busy and they had a super time. My SIL also got volunteers (adults or older children) to help with each center. Each center had some sort of prize that the children put in their gift bags, it made it more fun to get the completed gift bag that way rather than handing them all out at the end of the party. Walmart has packages of trinkets that are pretty cheap for the prizes.

I would also make the party no longer than 2 hours, kids get overwhelmed a lot and tired towards the end of the 2nd hour. If you decide to open the presents at the party, do it at the end so if some people want to leave before that, they can. A one yr old isn't going to open them very fast, even with adult assistance.


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Michelle - posted on 03/04/2011




We are renting an inflatable bounce house for my daughters 2nd birthday and having a penny carnival minus the pennies. should be a lot of fun

Nellie - posted on 03/04/2011




marcy, money is a little tight but thats one of the reasons i started planning the party 3months before it happens, so that i can save up. thanks, ill definitly look into an entertainer

Marcy - posted on 03/04/2011




If money is no object I would really think about some kind of entertainment.....the thing about face painting is that its nice but it is only entertainment for 1 child at a time. We hired SpideMan to show up at my sons 4 th birthday and he kept the kids entertained for over an hour with games etc. Check online and see if you can find an entertainer that perhaps does story telling or maybe some magic for the older kids. I would pick a theme and run with it....if you do Kayla's magival birthdya you could hire a magician and put magic hats in the center of each table filled with balloons. Maybe the magician could also bring rabbits for the kids to pet. Have fun.

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