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Sumkeean - posted on 09/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi moms I really need some help in disciplining my 2 y/o daughter. Because its just so hard for me to let her know her limitations. I always set her some limitations but I don't want to be strict enough. For.example we always get out of the house and tell her that we will do it again tom, but shes starting to get wild and cry as if I spank her. Then my mother or father in law will let her do whatever she wanted to do. It's getting difficult for everyone of us especially to me. She's not persuading me anymore because I think she knows that someone will let her do whatever she wants. I just want some.advices please on what should I do or am I too late for disciplining her? :( thank you.


Michelle - posted on 09/13/2014




You need to make sure no one else gives in to her as well. If you are having to leave somewhere let her know that you will be leaving in 10mins, 5mins, 2mins etc. Give her the countdown so she gets used to the idea of leaving instead of just saying we're going now.
If she starts a tantrum when you leave, let her know that if she stops now then you will go back tomorrow but if she keeps it up you won't. You also have to follow through with what you have told her. If you don't then she won't listen to you.
Like I said earlier, you need to tell everyone else around that they are not to give in to her demands as she needs to learn she isn't the boss and tantrums don't get what she wants.

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