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My daughter is 2 and is going through alot and finding a diagnosis for her is getting hard. She has multiple things going on but I didn't think to look at everything as one big picture until the other day when early Steps had mentioned genealogy. Her other doctors are so focused on autism as was I until the other day. Which she has not been diagnosed with that yet either she is seeing a neurologist that is not really willing to test her and I have been trying to find a psychologist that is going to take her insurance I am waiting for the Scott center to call me back they said they might be able to help with some of their funding to cover her initial screening She has pulmonary stenosis, lazy eyes bilateral mitosis and one of her eyes floats outward and inward sometimes which her eye doctor hasn't fully diagnose that, she also has had reoccurring ear infections that have led her to get tubes in her ears, she does not speak very well knows very very few words, she seems to understand some things and seems curious to learn but it almost seems like it's very hard for her to grasp what she is learning which leads to her tempers she gets very violent with other children and me and other adults throws herself on the ground almost like the typical two year old tantrum but seems worse she does not like water on her face or hair panics when water gets on her hair or face does not like to be touched a lot and a lot of times it's very hard to get her dressed or change her diaper she's a fighter but can be loving at times if that makes any sense her hair also is not growing properly it is extremely thin and brittle almost looking like she has plugs or to pay look her motor skills seem to be fine and when early Steps tested her she did pretty good a little low but nothing big she babbles her lips a lot almost like making bird sounds she does that randomly throughout the day and sometimes she spaces out is there any mothers out there with similar situation or has a child that is diagnosed with the same symptoms or any advice?

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