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Ok so I am 20 years old, me and my husband own our own home we are very financialy stable. And I have a littke sister who is 14 and lives with our aunt she is very unhappy there and she gets treated diffrently then all the other kids and wants to move in with me, our moms passed away and her dad is not in the picture, how do I go about getting her? We live in mobile al is she old ebough to say where she wants to live?


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Petition for custody of her. You'll have to go to court, prove stability, and financial means, and she'll most likely be asked her opinion.

Good luck

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It depends on the state and their laws if she can make that choice.. I know here in Iowa the kids no longer have the right to choose what parents or person they want to live with.. I would first speak with a lawyer and check the laws in your state to make sure she is able to have that say.. Because if you start this and then find out she has no say then it is just a he said/ she said deal, your aunts word against your word. you will need character witness, people who are will to testify that she is being mistreated.. Make sure you have all your "ducks in a row" type thing... I wish you and your sister all the luck... If you have any question please feel free to look me up...
Hope this is helpful, Best Wishes and Take Care...

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Yes by law she is old enough to choose. Especially since you are an adult now. You could either talk to a lawyer or go to the department of health and human resources and get info. I'm sure you would have the upper hand especially if your little sister speaks out about how she feels! My friend has been going through this with her 16 year old sister and she didn't have to get a lawyer or anything and the 16 yr girl was placed in her 23 yr sisters care with her husband


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Andrea - posted on 02/04/2014




So if she tells the judge that she wants to be with me he will more than likely place her in my custody? See im scared to start this whole process because as soon as my aunt finds out that I want custody she will keep my sister from me again! And if I lose the case she will never let me see nor talk to my sister again, my sisters dad wants her to be with me and we have family to prove that she is mis treated, I mean I basically rasied my sister since our mom was disabled so I know everything about her and since my aunt has had her she is so sceptical about things she is mentally abused my aunt and her kids constanly pick on her about her weight its just sad I need her in my posesion asap

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