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Alisha - posted on 01/23/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5 month old will not go to sleep he cries screams arches back flings arms and is generally miserable.

I have a routine I feed him at 5 pm warm bath at 6 then give him rice pablum sweet potatoes and pears (got the green light from pediatrician) burp him really well then play a time from 7-8:30 feed him 6oz of formula burp him more sing him lullabies as I rock him when he is just about sleep put him in the crib and he is instantly awake. Then the nightmare begins I generally can not get to bed till around midnight.

Please help at the end of my rope.


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Amy - posted on 01/24/2015




Hi Alisha! I happen to be a certified infant sleep trainer, so I have lots of tips for you. First thing, I would suggest flipping the routine around a little bit. Bathtime is a perfect time for him to get relaxed, and not rejuvenate him with energy, so I wouldnt suggest playtime after. i would suggest feeding him solids around 5, as you do, Maybe play a little after. Bath at 6pm, pajama routine, story in quiet/dark room, bottle, bed. Do you ever let him cry in the crib after you out him down? if so how long? If not, completely understandable.

Let me share with you the routine i do for my son. its been the same since he was 2 months old. He is 17 months now. He slept through the night at 3 months and was never hard to get to sleep. Every baby is different of course, but let me just give you a general idea, you are definitely on the right track...

Dinner at 545pm
Bath at 630
Pjs -(I usually prep his bedroom before I bring him in their, lights off/sound machine on/curtains closed, sleepy oil in the diffuser, and I turn the hall light on so that it is just enough that I can see what im doing, but its not keeping him so alert.)
Lotion/massage-I use coconut oil and lavender to relax him instead of commercial lotions, healthier for his skin and the Essential OIl lavender is very soothing, and relaxing. Heck it helps me sleep through the night, no joke!
Sippy Cup Coconut Milk on boppy in crib-(after about 30 min I will go in and take his cup away, he is always asleep by then)

So with you I suggest the same, just obviously you will rock him with the bottle, unless he can hold his bottle on his own then maybe you might want to try putting him on a boppy pillow in his crib to fall asleep himself.

All suggestions, but nothing is by the book of course. if you have any other questions, Id love to help!

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